CiM Light Overview


CiM Light Is The Preferred Solution For Entering Mobile Marketing.


Reach new customers or reward your customers for their loyalty. CiM Light is the ideal marketing tool for the regional retailer or restaurant operator. Whether you have one store or ten, with CiM Light you can reach mobile consumers at all times!

The mobile internet is changing the buying behavior of consumers. If consumers are looking on their smartphones for products or services, they are ready to buy. When you reach consumers with your offer and they´re ready to buy, the chance that they buy your product rises to 78%.

  • Quick and Easy
    With CiM Light you can initiate your first Mobile Marketing Campaign within minutes.
  • New Customers
    With CiM Light you can reach out to new customers - the mobile customer.
  • Low Marketing Costs
    CiM Light is an extremely cost effective advertising platform. Eliminates printing and paper costs, including manual distribution of coupons.
  • Increase Sales
    CiM Light has extensive analyzing tools. Use this information to optimize your marketing campaign, helping you to boost your sales.